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Historic Event at Erlanger Acres

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on December 27, 2009

You might all yawn and say: “What is Ethos so excited about?”

Ethos invited his first outside visitor to join him at Erlanger Acres today.  After reading and re-reading every possible tutorial and blog post related to OpenSim configuration, Setup, and troubleshooting of OpenSim, Ethos Erlanger flipped the switch on his recently updated Diva Distibution.  He then walked into the living room of his home and using his wife’s computer, logged into OpenSim as Visitor One and arrived face-to-face with Ethos on Erlanger Acres. The 30 feet or so between the office and the livingroom computers may not seem like a long distance to travel in the virtual world of OpenSim, but it represents a milestone for Ethos.  Now his confidence is bolstered and he will be inviting friends over for some serious building and collaboration.

Erlanger acres is comprised of 4 regions put together as one mega-region.  This size allows the building of many large buildings or monuments.  A recent hardware upgrade to 4GB of RAM seems to allow endless possibilities.

I hope you all stop by to visit some time.  I will try to get some nice clothes for you to use when you arrive as a visitor to Erlanger Acres.

Enjoy Your Virtual Life©,

Ethos Erlanger


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The four Regions I call Erlanger Acres

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on December 14, 2009

A mega-region of 4 regions

See me standing on the white prim?

That’s Ethos standing at the center of the white 10M x 10M prim on the 256M x 256M prim on top of the 4 regions called Erlanger Acres.

Click the image to view the whole image.

Enjoy Your Virtual Life©

Ethos Erlanger

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