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Two restarts to recover from a crash in OpenSim

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on January 3, 2010

I am using OpenSim to build off-line and when I crash the server (which is often) it takes two tries before I get to a place where the region has all the recent objects out and showing.

So, you are probably asking: “Why is he blogging about this?”  Well it is a way of letting off steam. Many people use the word RANT to describe this.  What makes this different, is what is behind the crashes.  Meerkat.  Well, not really the viewer, but something I am doing with the viewer. I am importing prims from an XML file.

Why not just write a bug report about the crashes?  Well I have read some of the bug reports about importing prims, and the authors are told that the OpenSimulator Project does not support “3rd Party Viewers.”  They go on to say that only the SL viewer is supported.  (Note: the SL viewer does not import or export prims.)  Does that make the SL viewer and Linden Lab a party of the first part?

So, here is my question. Is there any fully endorsed way to get prims into my OpenSim sandbox? I should relax and take a chill pill, but the frustration of having to restart the server twice after every attempt to import a portion of my building that I brought from Second Life is the cause for my attitude.

Also, where can this be discussed if it is not a valid OpenSim bug? Inventory transportability is one of the main reasons I began climbing the learning curve to get my own OpenSim server running on my own computer.

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Ethos Erlanger


2 Responses to “Two restarts to recover from a crash in OpenSim”

  1. I think that it is a valid OpenSim bug, though somebody would have to be interested in it to address it. Really, the server should be stable no matter what the viewer throws at it so there’s still a bug to be fixed.

    This probably illustrates that not all OpenSim developers are of one mind.

    • Thanks JCC. I am finding that the two restarts are required regardless of the cause of the crash. So, I will indeed post this as a bug.

      I will break out the original issue where Meerkat was causing a crash when I was importing objects with high prim count. I am seeing a pattern where low prim count objects seem to import with the expected results, but the higher count objects (over 100 prims each) are causing the server crash. I will list this as a bug separate from the two-start recovery issue.

      BTW, I am really enjoying the Diva Distro and 4 regions with no border crossing issues is the only way to build. I love to build big buildings and long-reach building is easier for me in my OpenSim Sandbox.

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