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News to Celebrate! – UPDATE

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on January 28, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum

Dateline: Usonia, Second Life

Until the official news release has been blessed by both parties, I will paraphrase what has happened. The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum has been granted a license by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The news release that I had used was prematurely sent out to the staff members of the museum.  I simply published what I believed was an official press release.  I will now wait for the official joint announcement to come.

The excitement for me comes from the fact that this will allow me to access the archives at the FLW Foundation and use them to build the most precise renderings of Mr. Wright’s work.

High on my list will be the Guggenheim in NYC and the Dana Thomas House.

I would also like to do Taliesin which is set on the rolling hills of Wisconsin with much of the property that surrounds it.  This may be a task I set aside for an Open Sim mega region where size and prim count are not such a constraint as it is in Second Life.  I am hoping this brings out other builders who have always dreamed of building for the great architect so that more of his work makes it into the virtual world for all to see.

Enjoy your Virtual Life,

Ethos Erlanger


One Response to “News to Celebrate! – UPDATE”

  1. Cresent Mornington said

    Excellent news, Ethos. Thank you for your continued interest and support to make this happen.

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