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Thank you Rosalie

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on February 3, 2010

I want to thank Rosalie Oldrich.

Rosie is a friend in Second Life who tirelessly works on behalf of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum.  I have come to know her best out of all of museum board members.  As the activities at the museum expanded I became acquainted with  the other board members in their roles on the board.  But the day I got the phone call from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was the day I turned to Rosalie because I knew her enthusiasm and commitment to the museum would carrying the ball down the field.  No, she did not carry the ball alone.  I called her on the phone that day and she acted as the consumate team member .  Willing to hand things off to other members of the board whenever their talents would be the choice for the task at hand.  Rosalie will always let others shine and stand in the limelight.  But I see her talent shine as well.  Always.

Thank you, Rosie


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