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It’s Not About the Viewer – The State of Motion in Virtual Worlds

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on February 12, 2010

Time for a short rant.  A new viewer will never make virtual worlds any better than they are.  What we need are better motion controls.  Does this sound like a broken record?  It is.  All my searching has been in vain.  There seems to be no way to truly exert the proper motion control over an avatar that adequately simulates walking up stairs or the side of a hill.  There seems to be no way to simulate the grip of your hand if you were climbing a mountain.  The granularity of all of the various virtual worlds is still extremely “course”.

Based on the apparent lack of interest in true simulation of body mechanics, my prediction is that 2 or more years will pass and I will still be in search of a “slow walk”.  A walking speed suitable for a leisurely stroll through a park or museum.  I am looking for an avatar speed slow enough to feel like the underwater simulations of swimming with the ocean marine life is slow enough to be believed;  Or, the altered physics and slow motion of a moon walk as we saw it on television 40 years ago.

Have you seen the speed of the old person in a walker?  Or an octogenarian with a cane?  It is not captured properly in virtual worlds.

See you in two years and we can catch up on the status of the State of Motion in Virtual Worlds.  (unless I reprise this topic sooner)

Enjoy your Virtual Life,

Ethos Erlanger


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