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Will SL Face The Challenge?

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on May 31, 2010


SL will fall to a distant third place. Their vast wasteland will be relegated to the stalkers, gawkers, and talkers.

There will emerge new places where truly innovative collaborators of 3D environments will feel at home.  There will also be the new, wider array of educational venues made for 21st century teaching.  Then there will be a long agonizing death for Second Life.  A victim of their own design.  In the future of internet interoperability, the need for cross-platform prim sharing will relegate the Linden Lab business model to be nothing more than an also-ran in a pack of faster, stronger, hungry, competitive, newcomers.

These newcomers will fill a need for a calm sea on which to sail new ideas, bigger ships, and feed the needs of the prim-hungry planners of the future.  Second Life will be nothing more than the stagnant backwaters away from the main stream of virtuality; nothing more than a museum of the fast walking, faster flying, avatars of the past.  It never was and never will be a place conducive to a calm leisurely stroll through a visually appealing landscape.  Linden Lab created Second Life as a mere homage to the days of fast muscle cars of the 20th century.  A drag strip where teenagers came to show off what they made in their garage. A lifestyle that will become totally unsustainable in this millennium.

Enjoy your virtual Life,



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