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My Recent Days in Second Life

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on February 5, 2011

The opportunity to serve as the Co-Executive Director of Virtual Museums is both pleasurable and enriching.  I am given the opportunity to look back on some great exhibits from the past and look forward to a new era in the life of Virtual Museums.

The board and staff of Virtual Museums are a great bunch of people.  My guess is that there are few groups in SL that have such a large staff with so many talents.  Now the challenge to be faced is to put all that talent to use doing the wonderful, enriching and sometimes ordinary things that can be done in the unique ways that only the virtual world will allow.

We recently renamed and redid our website: There is a calendar of events and short posts much like a blog.  It is quite  easily managed by the staff now.  Thank you Otterax Avalanche for your help getting this going.  You can view the calendar here:

We will be putting out displays of new buildings and you can read in more detail what the plans are for the museum region.  When things are easier to read and find via the website, we will use the tools that fit the task the best.

During our restructuring, I had the opportunity to explore Second Life for the ways that we can help other organizations with their goals.  We have found a few groups already that are eager to work together and continue to look for more ways to collaborate when both parties will benefit from it.

Enjoy your second Life, Ethos


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