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A Challenge to OpenSim Developers

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on February 17, 2010

Now that Hippo and Meerkat have dropped out of the viewer scene, what is the viewer that is considered the officially approved viewer for Open Simulator use?  You know… the one that can be mentioned in bug reports without the real bug being excused away and dismissed by some developers because I was not using the right (official) viewer.  I sure hope my last bug report isn’t dismissed because it is a viewer crash.  The viewers do not crash when I am in SL doing uploads of textures, so I feel the bug is with the OpenSim server software. All I’m doing is uploading texture images into OpenSim.

I know you have a lot on your plate, but please address bugs that happen to all the viewers, not just your favored one. And tell me…. what is that favored viewer these days?

Enjoy your Virtual Life,

Ethos Erlanger


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Bugs Abound in OpenSim

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on February 15, 2010

First, I want to send a big THANK YOU to the many hard working developers of Open Simulator.  They are  squashing bugs and making things better for all of us that are the users of an OpenSim server.  They are allowed to think outside the box that the Linden corporate employees are trapped in.  The one thing they have given us in OS that I truly appreciate is control over the velocity of the avatar walk.  Linden Lab should make this available to region managers in Second Life.

Now, I will step down off my soap box and get back on topic.  As a builder, I use the OpenSim Server Software to create a sandbox region on my local computer.  I am actually using the Diva Distro and enjoy the seamless region crossing, and the large open space that I have to work with.  As a builder, I enjoy collaboration and actually thrive on the inspiration I get from creative texturists and other builders.  I prefer working with a friend rather than working alone.  Here is where the bug I refer to is causing us serious difficulty.  I think we can refer to this bug as the Edit Permissions Bug.  I cannot edit the prims that have been created by my co-builder.  As friends, we give each other permission to edit each others objects, but that just isn’t working in OpenSim as it does in Second Life.

One of the key reasons for having my own sandbox is the desire to leave things out to be worked on by my collaborator.  Without this feature working, we are simply working independently on our own builds and would just as well be working in a vacuum except for the occasional useful comment (or cheeky remark) back and forth to each other.  This bug needs to be squashed.

The next issue is the bug I experience when trying to import large prim-count builds into OpenSim.  I have used the Meerkat and Imprudence viewers to import builds and they each deal with permissions differently, but after the export, the import is simply a matter of the viewer interacting with the Open Simulator Server.  Open Sim will crash with either of the viewers when I attempt to import objects with significant numbers of prims.  This bug is being investigated by one developer, and I wish him all the best for his efforts.

When creators of content are able to move their artistic endeavors back and forth to Second Life with a minimum of difficulty there will begin to be a larger use of the OpenSim as a tool that can be used by those who are creating content.  It is that creativity and the resulting content that will drive the Virtual Economy in the future for all virtual worlds.

Enjoy your Virtual Life,

Ethos Erlanger

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Two Restarts for the Diva Distro of Open Sim

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on January 24, 2010

Something seemed odd. When I crash my local Open Sim Server, I must start it twice for all prims to appear.  It affects any prims that are linked together.  Single prims are always seen after the first re-start, but linked prims are missing until I restart Open Simulator the second time.

Crashes are quite frequent for me as I attempt to import large buildings from Second Life using the Meerkat Viewer.

I may buy the Second Inventory program to see if that works without crashes.

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Old Grumbles are Heard

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on January 17, 2010

Someone heard my grumbles and I got an avalanche of replies to my request for a new password.

Now that I write the bug reports, one is dismissed as not an issue because it cannot be reproduced. And so it goes. I too am beyond it because I was conditioned by the miscreant code to never attempt another import of a large multi-prim object.  Computer one…. Human zero.

Enjoy Your Virtual Life©

Ethos Erlanger

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Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on January 6, 2010

I thought I would go write those two bug reports to the OpenSim Mantis.  Now it is faintly familiar. I tried writing a bug report many months back. It didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work now.

I am able to log on to the main OpenSim webpage. However, I am unable to log onto the OpenSim Mantis page.

I am also unable to request to change my password, or create a new account.  It says it sent me a new password, but I never receive it via email. It says it has opened an account, but I never get the confirmation email. [yes I checked my spam folder]

I will forget about all these troubles in another few months and try again.  Until then, I will write my rants here on my blog page.

Enjoy Your Virtual Life©, but just do not write bug reports about it,

Ethos Erlanger

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Two restarts to recover from a crash in OpenSim

Posted by Ethos Erlanger on January 3, 2010

I am using OpenSim to build off-line and when I crash the server (which is often) it takes two tries before I get to a place where the region has all the recent objects out and showing.

So, you are probably asking: “Why is he blogging about this?”  Well it is a way of letting off steam. Many people use the word RANT to describe this.  What makes this different, is what is behind the crashes.  Meerkat.  Well, not really the viewer, but something I am doing with the viewer. I am importing prims from an XML file.

Why not just write a bug report about the crashes?  Well I have read some of the bug reports about importing prims, and the authors are told that the OpenSimulator Project does not support “3rd Party Viewers.”  They go on to say that only the SL viewer is supported.  (Note: the SL viewer does not import or export prims.)  Does that make the SL viewer and Linden Lab a party of the first part?

So, here is my question. Is there any fully endorsed way to get prims into my OpenSim sandbox? I should relax and take a chill pill, but the frustration of having to restart the server twice after every attempt to import a portion of my building that I brought from Second Life is the cause for my attitude.

Also, where can this be discussed if it is not a valid OpenSim bug? Inventory transportability is one of the main reasons I began climbing the learning curve to get my own OpenSim server running on my own computer.

Enjoy Your Virtual Life©,

Ethos Erlanger

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